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IMG_0772The Revolution 2X is similar to True North’s standard Revolution electronic compass but with double the speed. The measurement cycle rate is 27.5 Hz, compared to 13.75 Hz for the standard Revolution. The electronic compass is fully compatible with existing PC software.

The range and resolution for all time-based parameters (tilt and magnetic filter time constants, sample time, etc.) is the same as for the standard Revolution: the range is 0 to 18.5 seconds, and resolution is 73 msec. All existing NMEA data rates are supported, and additional rates of 1650 and 2400 sentences per minute have been added. Existing serial baud rates are also supported, and an additional rate of 38,400 baud is provided.

Virtual reality is typical of an application that might require the Revolution 2X. The trade-off for speed is a slight increase in power consumption.

Product Brochure (PDF)

Revolution 2X Brochure (PDF: 292K / 2 pages)



  • High Accuracy
    • Heading within 0.5° or better
    • Tilt within 0.2° or better
  • Wide Operating Range
    • ±40° Pitch and Roll
    • ±80° Dip angle range
    • Temperature -20° to 70°C
    • Local Hard Iron to ±1 Gauss
  • Fast Response
    • 28 readings per second
    • Wake from standby in 75 msec
  • Single Supply Operation
    • 6 to 30V unregulated DC or
    • 5V regulated DC
  • Low Power
    • 20 mA operating
    • 5 mA sample
    • 1mA standby
  • Wide Selection of Output data
    • Heading, pitch, and roll
    • Magnetometer X, Y, and Z
    • Dip angle
    • Total, horizontal, and vertical magnetic field strength
    • Horizontal X and Y magnetic field strength
  • Choice of Interface
    • Full-duplex RS-232
    • Full-duplex RS-485
  • In-System Configuration and Test
    • PC or laptop can be connected while unit operates in situ
    • Perform hard and soft iron calibration
    • Monitor outputs and change user-definable settings

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